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-Mild Gore/Fear WARNING-

Play as a man turned into slime, and escape Dr. Lowry's lab of horrific experiments. Use the body parts you find to help you escape! But watch out of EX00-3:18...

-Joel Gray - Game Designer/Scripting


-Cristian Acebes Prado - Concept Artist


-Knakc- Game Designer/Modeller


-Finn Burton - Testing


-Dux- Ambient Music


-David Santander - SFX Assistant

This project was a submission to the 2021 July Indie Horror Game Jam and was made in two weeks!


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Hemocchio1.2.zip 135 MB
Hemocchio1.1.zip 136 MB
Hemocchio1.0.zip 136 MB

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This was a very interesting and fun game. I enjoyed how you would acquire new abilities as you gathered body parts. Great job! 


Absolutely stunning game and the exact kinda thing I was hoping to see from the game jam. You took the theme and totally ran with it, in the process creating one of the most unique horror games out there using a theme so common in these types of games.

The theme of "reassembly" was chosen on purpose as plenty of games (such as SLENDER) take the concept of gathering a lot of things and putting them back together. Seeing this serve as such an internal part of the gameplay, seeing how impactful it was on your movement and abilities, and seeing that there was no "one solution" to clearing the game all really impressed me and the other judges.

Seriously amazing work here! Visually awesome, really fun, and kept me on the edge of my seat! Only issue is the glitches, given how your limbs can fall through the ground and how janky grabbing and moving objects is. Once those are fixed this will be a truly wicked game!


Thank you so much! We are really glad you've enjoyed the game, I'm working on those bugs for version 1.2 right now ;)


This game grips you from the moment you drop into it. It's immediately visually gorgeous - I loved the palette in particular, that mix of darkness with vibrant saturated reflections did so much. I love a horror game that isn't afraid of colour.

Fascinating concept with the pulling different body parts into an 'experiment', and you went above and beyond by making gameplay a little different with each acquisition.

The world felt alive and intense, and the context of the environment suggested a rich narrative without needing to communicate it in words. The sound contributed so much, particularly the voicing of the being patrolling the rooms.

Unfortunately I got stuck/caught too many times and never made it to the end, but when I get the energy back I'd like to see what's revealed!

Really intriguing, well put together game that felt alive and sensory rich. Incredible work, guys.

We are glad you've enjoyed the game and do hope you come back to finish it off some time!


The game is pretty cool. I really liked the idea used here. It's just a shame it's so short. Congratulations.

Really happy to hear you liked it!